Cutty Sark

Good evening my dear followers!

Today’s post is about the event I had on 22th of Friday in a beautiful sailboat of #CuttySark. I had the pleasure that Laura contact to me to invite us to one of the best clandestine festivals of the summer.

Since the last 17th of August, sea’s Mediterranean are witnessing a clandestine adventure until the next 2nd of September. My island was witness of this trip that it tributes to the history of the prohibition and smuggling carried out during the  American dry law. We were able to enjoy live music, cocktails of the genuine 20 years served in cups, an amazing suset and a myriad of elements that we converted for a few hours in authentic #cuttybandistas.

With this peculiar adventure on the high seas, Cutty Sark whisky gave a leap forward in time until of the Dray Law at which time arose the brand and where it was forged the history of Captain BillMcCoy, who was in charge, during the decade of the 20s, the distribution of the whisky unadulterated by the main ports in the U.S., becoming the largest #cuttybandista of history.

I want to thank to all the staff for this event by this brilliant festival which we were able to enjoy to the fullest and feel more cuttybandistas than ever! Thanks so much team 🙂

I chose a white oversize top with a mini skirt beaded pink nude and black sandals very comfortable.Thanks so much for all your visits and comments 🙂

Top: Bershka

Falda / Skirt: Histericomplements Ibiza

Sandalias / Sandals: Tienda local Ibiza


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Espero que mi trabajo sea una de esas casualidades que inspire y haga más bello vuestro día.

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