Haute Couture Dress

Morning, pretties!

We start this Friday with an amazing Haute Couture dress from EGB. A gorgeous and exclusive piece, where its transparencies and rhinestones are the beauty of this dress. So smart and sophisticated.

When I tried it for the first time, I was a bit shy because is so transparent. Later, I understood its magic and I could enjoy it. Enjoy my body wearing this work of art ready to attent to the red carpet.

But I show it like this, near of the sea, with the rocks and some laridae as a comlement, and of course, my lovely photographer that makes me shine like a diamond. Not need more necessary in life that feeling good with yourself to be pretty, and show first your soul and then your looks to the whole world.

Hope you like it and enjoy this weekend, guys!

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments <3

Photos by: Raquel Povedano

Vestido / Dress: EGB WOMAN IBIZA

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