¡¡Vive tu Libertad…Más de Moda!!

Morning, everyone!

Today’s post is very special featuring amazing brands! What’s more I show you the new 2016 collection of this spring/summer.

It’s Asommerlife and its Adlib Fashion line. As I have already said several times, Adlib fashion is a clothing style linked to the island of Ibiza. Its motto is “Dress as you want but with style.”

It was driven by the Yugoslav princess Smilja Mihailovitch and is characterized by the mixture of regional costumes and traditional dress in the Pitiusas ilas with an absolute prominence of white, which is its most distinctive characteristic.

It consists of comfortable, spacious, light fabrics of clothes which highlight craftsmanship embroidery, ruffles , lace and crochet.
Therefore, this collection show the magic of my beautiful island, that is composed of a high quality cotton mixing with carefully crafted elements. Details as crochet, make the difference and make it special at the same time.

Tops, shorts, short and long dresses, are my second skin and stan beside me more Ibiza in this post. These accessorize like my bracelets from Asommerlife, give the color to all the outfits, also this hat from Ahhnells by Sonia and this necklace from Mon Amour Ibiza.

I wanted to thank the amazing treatment and the great work done by Asommerlife and Giorgio Guglielmini, a lovely photographer and the editor of Ibiza Luxe Magazine. Professionals who are beautiful people, thanks so so much!!

The next post will be a continuation of this, where I will show you more pictures of this collaboration. Hope you enjoy today’s post, which is entering us into the new season. Are you ready??

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments. Have a ncie day 😉

Photos by: Giorgio Guglielmini

Wearing fashion from: Asommerlife

Collar / Necklace: Mon Amour Ibiza

Sombrero / Hat: Ahnells by Sonia



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