Nude Look

Morning, beauties!

How was your New Year’s Eve? Do you already know that this year it’s going to be the best of your lifes? Yes, it will! I spent 1st of January with my mom, because it was her birthday. I’m so proud of her, she gives me everything in this life. Love you, mom!

Well, let’s talk about today’s look. A nude and a basic outfit. Really love this kind of looks. You can wear it in a work day, or even after work. It’s so versatile with a sophisticated air. I bought this white ripped jeans, and I love how suits on me.

Do you like this look?

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments.

Photos by: Candi Ruiz

Camisa / Shirt: Zara

Pantalones / Pants: Mango (New)

Bolso / Bag: Primark

Tacones / Heels: Zara

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