Morning beauties!

Did you have a nice weekend? Saturday was my birthday and I spent great time with my friends!

Today’s post is about RITUALS store. Is a Dutch brand that combines cosmetic for body and home. They’re based on ancient oriental beauty rituals and are specialists in creating unique moments through their products. They’ve got over 300 stores worldwide and opened its first store in Ibiza last April.

I had the pleasure of being invited by Ioana, to discover this wonderful shop with my friends and made us feel at home. First, we did a scrub hands with the product: Miracle Scrub. An amazing product, and you can appreciate a color and texture change. It’s very affordable.

Then depending on our skin types, we were advising on products that would be good for our skin. I advise Energy Skin Serum. I’ve tried and I love it!

And finally we were advised on issues of make up. We also received samples and gifts to attend as a shower mousse that smelled sooo good! Discounts, cookies.. this invitation was great! Many thanks to Ioana, and I advise you to visit www.rituals.com besides cosmetics you can find comfortable clothing, home decor, tea like ginger tea and pink (it tasted great), designed for men products, sunscreens, baby.. Countless natural products!

Soon we will give a product of this brand, now reaching Christmas is a perfect gift!

That’s all girls!!  What do you think of today’s post? Does anybody know this brand?

You can visit its Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments!

Photos by: Raquel Povedano

Total look: Zara


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